What we do

Amram Capital to meet specific investment management and advisory needs

Amram Capital is a multi-family office, based in London, catering to the very specific investment management and advisory needs of high net worth individuals, families, trusts and charities.


Wealth & Asset Management

Access to prime custodian banks in multiple jurisdictions.


Amram Capital can manage all aspects of client custody, banking transactions and investments settlement. We act as a single point of contact.

Advantage of Amram negotiated fees for all banking services and investment transactions, with total transparency in charging structure.


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    Consolidated reporting
  • 02
    Personalised service
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    Our team has over 20 years’ experience and has worked through several crises


Services are always personalised and our philosophy is based on optimum diversification, maximum liquidity and strong convictions on investments.

Long term visions, encouraging long term stability.


Private Equity & Real Estate

Due to our network of counterparties and clients, we offer unparalleled access to private equity, Start-up investments & Real Estate opportunities.

These deals are exclusive for our clients, often at reduced fees.


We have a particular strength in the Technology sector in general, and in the Fintech space in particular.


Well established expert partners in real estate, with past deals including commercial and     residential real estate investments in the UK, Germany and Belgium amongst others.


Family Office Services

Assistance in structuring personal assets for wealth protection, succession & tax planning    including trust and company formation.


Amram Capital works with tax advisers and other specialist providers to achieve the necessary objectives for clients.


We handle all aspects of administration for our clients including account opening, production of statements & internet access.


We do NOT provide tax advice‚Äč (please review any investment with your own accountant and/ or lawyer first).